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VOG international mission #1: Minister in Tanzania!

Recently, Voices Of Glory had the privilege to sing before and meet with 32 pastors from the Assemblies of God Churches in Springfield, MO. A special thanks to The Rev. Dr. Bamabas Mtokambali (see above) who is the General Superintendent of hundreds of Assemblies of God Churches in Tanzania and Senior Pastor at Bethel Revival Temple Church and to Pastor Al Pulis.

It was humbling and invigorating to discuss how VOG can do missions work in Tanzania in early 2012.  To achieve this goal, VOG will work to raise funds in order to travel to Tanzania with Pastor Pulis and members of his ministry staff and work with Rev. Dr. Mtokambali to see firsthand life in Tanzania.

VOG strives to make a difference in the lives of children in Tanzania and everywhere. As young adults, there is so much we can do; and we are serious about getting it done!  After all, God’s mission for us is our goal.

We promise to keep you posted on this initiative, and thanks in advance for all your support!  We can’t do it without you!


Nadia, Avery and Michael II


America’s Favorite Gospel Trio advances in bid for triple Diamonds

Voices Of Glory, finalists from NBC-TV’s America’s Got Talent, have advanced in the voting for the SGN Scoops 2011 Diamond Awards. The talented trio is nominated for Favorite Trio, Favorite Rising Artist, and Favorite Song for “Father Who Cares.” Online voting for the third round of the fan-based awards is slated to conclude May 21st.

“We are so thankful to have the support of our fans, friends and family,” said Michael Cole, II.  “From America’s Got Talent to now, so many people have been there to support us. It’s really humbling.”

The acclaimed Cole family siblings – Nadia, 11, Avery 15, and Michael, 18 – continue to impact the music industry with the strength and spirit of their self-titled CD, and professionalism.

“So many people say we inspire them, but, really, our fans inspire us to do what we do,” said Nadia Cole. “It’s important to us that we have the opportunity to give back to them as often as we can. Every time we sing one of our songs like “Father Who Cares,” or “You Untie My Wings,” it’s our moment to sing our thanks and give our praise,” she said.

“To be nominated and considered for 3 awards is amazing,” said Avery Cole. “The way our fans support us on our journey is just incredible.”

Though the trio continues their meteoric ascent, current blessings were initially shrouded in darkness.

In July 2005, the group’s mother who was formerly a school principal, Felicia Cole fell into an 8-month coma after a head-on collision with a drunk driver. At the suggestion of VOG’s father Michael Cole, the children sang at their mother’s bedside in the hopes of healing.

After Felicia Cole’s awakening, the talented siblings decided to use music to continue encouraging others through performances at nursing homes, hospitals, churches and an increasing audience of millions worldwide.

SGN Scoops is an online magazine dedicated to the Southern Gospel music industry, and was founded in 2000 by Allen Smith as a part of the Branson Gospel Music Convention.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Us with our Mom enjoying Mother's Day

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers,” states a Jewish proverb. That is the lifelong commitment of great moms to be every- and anywhere to help their children, kiss away pain, soothe, advise, provide a stern hand or whatever else their child might need to benefit.

To our mom Felicia Cole, it’s all about what’s best for us.

“Being a mother changes because the children are always changing,” our phenomenal mom said. “They are getting older and I have to cater to their needs and give good direction.”

“I do my best to give good direction when they ask or tell them what to do when they need direction,” she said. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do but they are very good because they listen.”

“Every day is Mother’s Day,” said our dad Michael Cole. He says each day is an opportunity for us to love one each other as a family because tomorrow is promised to no one.

So on this Mother’s Day, we celebrate all mothers for everything they do, especially for those who freely give unconditional love, and make all kinds of sacrifices just for the privilege of 3 letters … M-O-M.

To our Mom and Moms all over the world,

VOG says thank you and we love you!

Nadia, Avery and Michael II

America’s Got Talent trio to perform at historic Washington Avenue church

We wanted to share a recent press release about our performance this Sunday at Washington Avenue Baptist Church:

At 5pm on May 1st, America’s Got Talent finalists Voices Of Glory will perform at the historic Washington Avenue Baptist Church, located at 1722 North National Avenue, as presided by Sr. Pastor Dr. E. L. Alexander.  The event is free though a minimum donation of $10 is requested. Event inquiries can be directed to church representatives at (417) 866-2750.

Additional artists slated to perform include Bishop Kenneth Robinson and Chosen along with Sunday’s Best competitor Dee Dee Jones, and the Missouri State University and Washington Avenue Host choirs.

“To perform for such a noted congregation will be an honor,” said Michael Cole II, age 18 of Voices Of Glory. “We are humbled to sing at Washington Avenue Baptist Church,” he said of the renowned house of worship known to be the oldest African-American congregation in Springfield.

“Understanding our history is important,” said Avery Cole, age 15.  “I’m amazed at how committed the congregation was to maintain Washington Avenue Baptist Church,” he said about the brick by brick reconstruction in 2000 to make way for a new science center for Drury University when congregants disassembled and rebuilt the church 200 feet away from its original site.

The Cole brothers along with sister Nadia continue to earn accolades as a result of their critically acclaimed, self-titled CD.

“I’m excited,” said eleven-year-old Nadia Cole. “I can’t wait to sing at Washington Avenue Baptist Church. It’s going to be a blessing to us to perform there.”

VOG knows much about blessings.

It was in July 2005 the siblings received news that their mother Felicia Cole, was left in a coma for 8 months after being hit head-on and seriously injured by a drunk driver. In response to the devastating news, the children sang at her bedside in the hopes that she would recognize their voices.

With her awakening, the talented trio continues to offer encouragement to others as they perform for international audiences.

For more information about VOG, contact Simon Grenouille at (917) 238-9760 or simongrenouille@rocketmail.com.

Hope to see you in Springfield!

Nadia, Avery and Michael II

Voices Of Glory

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