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America’s Got Talent’s favorite trio Voices Of Glory gives thanks to US military

With news of the capture and death of the terrorist Osama Bin LadenVoices Of Glory, a military family, express their thanks to US armed forces for their service and unwavering focus to make good on a mission to find one of the FBI’s ten most wanted.

“We come from a family of veterans,” said Michael Cole II, “and because of that sincere appreciation, we recorded our version of “God Bless America” on our CD. We feel strongly about the preservation of American freedoms and giving thanks to US servicemen and servicewomen for their sacrifices,” he said.

Voices Of Glory has a rich history of military service. Two of the group’s uncles, Gerard Cole and the late Christian Francis Cole have honorably served in the US Army.

“I served because it gave me an opportunity to give back to my country,” said Gerard Cole who also manages VOG. “A soldier’s service allows all Americans to live in a non-communist nation and have the freedoms we continue to enjoy today. If you appreciate your freedom, thank a soldier,” said the honorably discharged veteran of the US Army National Guard.

“My brother Sgt. Christian Francis Cole loved his service,” Gerard Cole about the now deceased army veteran. “Service was Christian’s whole life until he passed from cancer in 1999,” Gerard Cole said. As part of a special ceremony, Christian Cole is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., he added.

“When we sang, “God Bless America” on America’s Got Talent,” said Avery Cole, age 15, “it was a definite decision to express our pride as Americans and to let others know how we felt about our country.”

“The loss of any life is troubling but the world feels safer today,” said eleven-year-old Nadia Cole of the Bin Laden news. “As artists, our purpose is all about healing, and, with this news, we hope the world will move closer to that,” Nadia Cole said.

Since inception, inspiration and healing have been the focus of VOG.

VOG began their journey in July 2005 after their mother Felicia Cole was seriously injured by a drunk driver and left in an 8-month coma. In response to the devastating news, the children sang at her bedside in the hopes that she would recognize their voices.

With their mother’s awakening, the talented trio continues to offer encouragement to others as they perform for audiences across the world.


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