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More photos from Assemblies Of God performance/meeting

Our Dad (far left) and Mom (center) also had the honor to meet and spend time with General Superintendent Rev. Dr. Barnabas Mtokambali of the Tanzania Assemblies Of God Churches after VOG’s recent performance in Springfield, MO.

Everyone looks so nice! It was a great day!

To God Be The Glory,

Nadia, Avery and Michael II


Happy Mother’s Day!

Us with our Mom enjoying Mother's Day

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers,” states a Jewish proverb. That is the lifelong commitment of great moms to be every- and anywhere to help their children, kiss away pain, soothe, advise, provide a stern hand or whatever else their child might need to benefit.

To our mom Felicia Cole, it’s all about what’s best for us.

“Being a mother changes because the children are always changing,” our phenomenal mom said. “They are getting older and I have to cater to their needs and give good direction.”

“I do my best to give good direction when they ask or tell them what to do when they need direction,” she said. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do but they are very good because they listen.”

“Every day is Mother’s Day,” said our dad Michael Cole. He says each day is an opportunity for us to love one each other as a family because tomorrow is promised to no one.

So on this Mother’s Day, we celebrate all mothers for everything they do, especially for those who freely give unconditional love, and make all kinds of sacrifices just for the privilege of 3 letters … M-O-M.

To our Mom and Moms all over the world,

VOG says thank you and we love you!

Nadia, Avery and Michael II

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