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VOG international mission #1: Minister in Tanzania!

Recently, Voices Of Glory had the privilege to sing before and meet with 32 pastors from the Assemblies of God Churches in Springfield, MO. A special thanks to The Rev. Dr. Bamabas Mtokambali (see above) who is the General Superintendent of hundreds of Assemblies of God Churches in Tanzania and Senior Pastor at Bethel Revival Temple Church and to Pastor Al Pulis.

It was humbling and invigorating to discuss how VOG can do missions work in Tanzania in early 2012.  To achieve this goal, VOG will work to raise funds in order to travel to Tanzania with Pastor Pulis and members of his ministry staff and work with Rev. Dr. Mtokambali to see firsthand life in Tanzania.

VOG strives to make a difference in the lives of children in Tanzania and everywhere. As young adults, there is so much we can do; and we are serious about getting it done!  After all, God’s mission for us is our goal.

We promise to keep you posted on this initiative, and thanks in advance for all your support!  We can’t do it without you!


Nadia, Avery and Michael II


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