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Check out VOG’s new TV commercial!

Hey everyone,

Please check out VOG’s TV commercial!

VOG’s TV commercials will start airing on May 12th on the Sky Angel Network which airs: TBN, The Word Network,┬áDay Star, JCTV, The Church Channel, AFA, CTN, Catholic TV, Cornerstone, Credo, Family Friendly Entertainment, FamilyNet, God TV, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, INSP, NRB, Ondas De Amor, Smile Of A Child, SonLife Broadcasting, Spirit TV, TBN Enlace, TCT, TVU Music Videos, Worship Network, World Harvest TV, etc.

The first person to hit VOG’s Facebook to tell us that you saw the commercial and during which program will win a free CD!

Thank you and be blessed,

Nadia, Avery and Michael II

Voices Of Glory


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